This Dairy-Free Tiramisu Is Layered With Fresh Blueberries

This Dairy-Free Tiramisu Is Layered With Fresh Blueberries

This, my friends, could possibly be one of the best desserts I’ve ever made!

I am not joking! The feedback I got was amazing. And guess what? It is NOT my recipe.

The blueberry bit is, but the rest belongs to Amrita.

Ever since I saw her original Vegan Tiramisu recipe I really wanted to make it but was too lazy to make a sponge for it. Well then I saw her Matcha Tiramisu and I was totally in love with it. I had to make it.

Unfortunately, not everyone loves matcha so I had to come up with something else. Here is where the blueberries come in. My freezer was full of blueberries (I’m the kind of person who buys them every time I do the shopping, which is quite often) so I thought, let’s try blueberries.

Guess what? It turned out beautifully. I made it for a birthday party and I came home with one left (they are big portions).

I was very tempted to devour it myself (remember I am still on my sugar detox) but had a teeny-tiny bit of the cream and gave the rest to my cake-loving colleague.

So here we are. That’s the story of the Blueberry Tiramisu and below all this talk is the recipe. Enjoy!


Hungry for more? This vegan blueberry cake has a tart lemon glaze. The recipe includes Silk’s nondairy vanilla yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and ground flax. You can use frozen or fresh blueberries.

If your blueberry cravings still aren’t satisfied, try this blueberry pancake recipe. The vegan dish is perfect for Sunday mornings but let’s be honest, there’s no limitations to when you can eat pancakes. The recipe features oats, plant-based milk, bananas, blueberries, vanilla, and maple syrup. You can serve the pancakes with coconut yogurt, more syrup, and different berries if you like. The sky’s the limit!

For more fruity recipes, you might like this vegan chia seed pudding parfait. It can be enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack, or for dessert. It’s refreshing, filling, and nutritious.

This recipe was republished with permission from The Vegan Twins Plantry.