9 Delicious and Vegan Chocolate Christmas Advent Calendars

Christmas is fast approaching – a time full of happiness, family and indulgent foods. Within many cultures around the globe, a beloved tradition is opening an advent calendar chocolate each day and enjoying a sweet holiday treat. However – for the 75% of the world that is lactose intolerant or people who choose to omit animal products from their diet, the search for an advent calendar can often be tricky. But, no one should have to miss out on a fantastic chocolate advent calendar!

As plant-based sales are ever increasing and more and more people are making plant-based choices – retailers can’t ignore the demand for alternative products and the marketplace will only keep expanding.

So, here’s 9 of the best vegan-friendly chocolate advent calendars that you should order for yourself, friends, family or your children this Christmas.*

9 Deliciously Dairy-Free Chocolate Christmas Advent Calendars


This organic, dairy free advent calendar brings all the familiar, great tasting flavour of milk chocolate but proves you can still eat cheap, cheerful and vegan. This brand produces delicious chocolate which is designed for allergy-sufferers (and chocolate aficionados) as they are manufactured in facilities that are free of dairy, gluten, wheat, soya and animal products.

Find Moo-Free advent calendars here.


Organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan and even made using only Fairtrade sourced ingredients – how sweet can chocolate get? This brand even offers a no added sugar option. Plus, who couldn’t love a chocolate advent calendar that has an elf on the front holding a sign with the words ‘yummy scrummy’?

Find Plamil advent calendars here.

Amanda’s Own

This advent calendar has 24 chocolates to enjoy over the Christmas lead-up that are not too sweet and kid-approved. To sweeten the deal, these chocolates are also very allergy-friendly, both in terms of ingredients (they are devoid of top allergens) and that they are made in a separate, dedicated facility.

Find Amanda’s Own advent calendar here.

No Whey!

After re-branding from Premium Chocolatiers‘, No Whey! offers two vegan advent calendars – both chocolate filled. Their facility is also free from any soy, nuts, gluten, eggs and dairy. There’s simply no whey you won’t know this isn’t dairy milk chocolate.

Find No Whey! chocolate here.

Montezuma’s (Dairy-Free Calendars)

This brand is reputable for being chocolatiers that target an older audience than excited toddlers – but in saying that, is well-enjoyed by many consumers. For a slightly classier advent experience, their dairy-free advent calendars contain 73% organic dark chocolate and are vegan-friendly, however allergy-sufferers may need to be aware that the whole chocolatier facility is not 100% dairy-free.

Find Montezuma’s here.

Holland & Barrett (Dairy-Free Calendars)

The chocolate in these dairy-free advent calendars by Holland & Barrett is made using organic and Fairtrade ingredients – specifically, a delicious blend of cacao, rice powder, sweetener and sunflower lecithin. They also have a cute packaging design that comes in a red or blue theme.

Find Holland & Barrett’s dairy-free calendar here.

Hotel Chocolat (Dark Chocolate Calendars)

This brand isn’t 100% dairy-free but their all-dark chocolate calendar is, it’s even labelled ‘suitable for vegans’. Consumers will be pleased to find rich festive chocolate-moulded figurines yet may find them a little too adorable to eat. Hotel Chocolate also has a wide range of other festive-themed chocolate aside from their advent calendar.

Get Hotel Chocolat here.

“Chocologic” By Tesco’s Free-From Range

UK chain-supermarket giant Tesco released a fun, festive range of calendars – their ‘free-from’ range includes dairy-free and gluten-free advent calendars that were aptly dubbed “chocologic“. As suggested by the name, this holiday treat is an every bit logical purchase for any chocolate lover.

Find these calendars by Tesco here.


For a slightly more indulgent advent experience, this is a box filled with, rich vegan chocolates made from fine top quality ingredients. They’re even hand-crafted and each delicious, individual truffle is numbered, and reveals the flavour underneath. This makes for the perfect month-long taste bud testing game (and we challenge you to get them all correct).

Find Chocally’s vegan advent calendar here.

*These calendars are from previous years but annual distribution expected to continue.