4 New Vegan Burrito Flavors Launched By Plant-Based Brand Daiya Foods

Popular Canadian dairy-free brand, Daiya Foods, has announced the launch of a new line of vegan and gluten-free frozen burritos featuring the brand’s signature cheeses. Packing in 7-12 grams of protein per serving, the new burritos are available in four different flavors: Tuscan, Tex-Mex, Santiago, and Sante Fe styles.

“Today’s consumers are now embracing plant-based foods as a great-tasting option that promotes a healthier lifestyle,” CEO Terry Tierney said in a recent statement. “We are expanding to enable our teams to continue to do the work that will further surprise and delight consumers around the world and accommodate our aggressive hiring growth plans over the next 2-5 years.”

Founded by long-time friends, Andre Kroecher and Greg Blake, Daiya started with a “simple belief” that plant-based living was “better for their health, better for the planet, and better for animal welfare.” Consumers agreed as the company quickly grew from a simple belief into a dairy-free empire, now offering over 30 dairy- and gluten-free products. Daiya was recently acquired by International brand Otsuka for $325 million.

But despite the acquisition, Daiya has no plans to slow down anytime soon. The Canadian company recently announced a move to brand new facilities east of Vancouver in Burnaby. With more room for offices and larger warehouses, Daiya is hoping its new home will put it on track to reach a target of $1 billion in sales.

Daiya’s new Tuscan and Santa Fe burritos both include meatless beef crumbles; the former is also packed with rustic Italian sundried tomatoes and the latter comes with potatoes and brown rice. The Tex Mex burrito recipe includes pinto beans, brown rice and Daiya’s cheddar style shreds and the filling for Santiago is red quinoa, black beans, and sweet potatoes.

Cheezy Mac, pizza, and Cheezecake are just some of the pre-made, vegan, convenience foods already in Daiya’s extensive product range. The company also offers a vast array of dairy-free cheeses, Greek-style yogurts, dressings, and sauces.

Image Credit: Daiya