Daiya’s New Vegan Burritos Are for Egg and Meat Lovers

Daiya's New Vegan Burritos Are for Egg and Meat Lovers

Vegan cheese brand Daiya is launching new burritos designed for egg and meat lovers.

The new products join the brand’s existing line of frozen burritos – launched last spring – which are packed with beans, rice, potatoes, and vegan cheese among other plant-based ingredients. The new offerings are the first in the range to include Daiya’s egg-style scramble.

According to the Progressive Grocer, the first of the new wraps will be packed with vegan egg, meatless beef crumbles, cheddar style shreds, and Canadian maple syrup. The second will feature Daiya’s vegan egg with plant-based cheese, black beans, jalapeños, and poblano salsa.

“Protein-packed and fiber-fueled, Daiya’s all new Breakfast Burritos are the first to market frozen breakfast burritos that are plant-based and free from dairy, soy, and gluten,” notes the publication. “Both new SKU’s feature Daiya’s proprietary egg style scramble which is just as tasty as traditional scrambled eggs!”


It continued, “Each Daiya Breakfast Burrito is individually wrapped and ready to eat in just over 2 minutes. It’s the perfect plant-based grab n go meal or snack suitable for any daypart.”

The new burritos are the latest release in a line of new innovative vegan products from Daiya, which aims to make products that are better for people’s health, as well as for the animals and the environment.

In January, the brand launched six new low-sugar, soy-free yogurts made with coconut cream, and last year, it launched its line of plant-based cheesecakes with UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.

Michael Lynch, Daiya’s Interim CEO, said in a statement earlier this year, “We’re always listening and working towards making the best tasting products on the market.”

He added, Plant-based food is evolving and growing as more people embrace this lifestyle and we want them to know that Daiya is here to support them on this food journey.”

According to a recent study, nearly 114 million Americans aim to eat more vegan food this year, as they become more aware of the health impact of consuming animal products, as well as the environmental and ethical consequences of animal agriculture.

Daiya’s new Breakfast Burritos will hit shelves in the fall in retailers across the U.S.