David Beckham Says He Enjoys Not Eating Meat

David Beckham Says He Enjoys Not Eating Meat

In an apparent first, David Beckham hasn’t eaten meat in three weeks and has been enjoying the food.

The former professional soccer player and his wife, pop singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham, were recently on a spa retreat in Baden-Baden, a spa town that borders the Black Forest in southwestern Germany. According to The Sun, a £3,430-per-person retreat includes hikes, oxygen inhalation sessions, yoga, meditation, and vegetarian food.

Beckham, a known foodie who often shares his meat-heavy meals on social media, posted photos of the couple’s meals while on vacation.

“Never done this before but been eating veggie for the past three weeks which hasn’t been easy but actually enjoyable,” he wrote in his Instagram Stories. Their meat-free meals included a chilled pea soup that Beckham dubbed “amazing,” as well as zucchini noodles with mushrooms, chickpea salad, vegetable soup, eggplant with blue cheese, smoked watermelon, and sweet potato.

David Beckham Says He Enjoys Not Eating Meat
Beckham shared meals including courgetti and two types of soup.| @DavidBeckham via Instagram Stories

The Beckhams and Plant-Based Food

Victoria shared photos from the couple’s retreat in her Instagram Stories as well, describing it as “so peaceful.” The former Spice Girl is no stranger to plant-based cuisine.

She and David have previously shared their meal at F!lth, a pop-up that opened in London in early 2019, on their Instagram Stories. They enjoyed a meal consisting of a kimchi-topped vegan burger with a side of crinkle-cut fries. Victoria noted that David “loved” the meal and he described the food as “delicious” and “insane.” The pop-up was such a hit that the restaurant sold out of food just hours after the Beckhams visited and sang its praises on social media.

Victoria is typically known to enjoy cereal with dairy-free milk, plenty of green vegetables, and avocados according to Harper’s Bazaar Australia. She also loves snacking on seeds soaked in liquid aminos, a gluten-free soy sauce replacement. While her diet is very plant-forward, she has said that she eats seafood.

On her Instagram Stories this week, she shared that she takes plant-based supplements, with the exception of collagen powder. Her daily routine includes plant-based protein powder and berry-flavored vitamin powder.