David Bowie and Eminem Feature In Memoir Benefitting Farm Animals

Moby's new memoir focuses on farm animals

Vegan musician Moby’s second memoir, “Then It Fell Apart,” (Faber & Faber) will be released this spring, 20 years after the release of his seminal album, “Play.”

The memoir, a follow-up to his best-selling 2016 memoir “Porcelain,” dives into the depths of drug and alcohol abuse that the musician says nearly killed him after he became a star.

Moby’s been sober for a decade, but he says it’s still difficult. “When I’m around people who are getting drunk or high there’s a part of me that gets envious because I’d like to be doing that,” he said during a 2011 interview.

According to a press release, the book includes tales featuring legendary rock icon, the late David Bowie, as well as other music legends including rapper Eminem, Madonna, Velvet Underground founder Lou Reed —  and there’s even a cameo featuring President Donald Trump.

“Somehow this chronicle of a long, dark night of the soul also involves funny stories involving Trump, Putin, and a truly baffling array of degenerates,” The Late Show host Stephen Colbert said in a press release announcing the launch.


Moby’s been a vocal critic of President Trump and the current administration. Earlier this year he posted to Instagram announcing his own bid for the oval office, because “almost ANYONE would be a better president than trump [sic], who will go down in history as the worst elected official in u.s history(and that’s a REALLY low bar),” he wrote, encouraging his followers to not “waste” votes on celebrities or third-party candidates.

The musician, who’s now also a successful restaurateur, will donate all proceeds from the new book to various animal rights organizations and farm animal rescue groups. His vegan LA restaurant Little Pine donates all proceeds to animal rights organizations and offers employees working to reduce animal suffering discounts on Tuesdays.

“I mean, apart from the fact that animal products cause heart disease and diabetes and cancer, and that animal agriculture causes 90% of rainforest deforestation and 45% of #climatechange, and that animal ag is responsible for 75% of antibiotic resistance, I’m a vegan and and [sic] animal rights activist mainly because I love animals and can’t be involved in anything that causes or contributes to their suffering,” Moby wrote in a recent Instagram post.

The book is set to launch in May in the UK and in June in the U.S.