NFL Player David Carter Explains Where Vegans Get Their Protein

NFL Player David Carter Explains Where Vegans Get Their Protein

If you make the decision to go to vegan, it is inevitable that you will at some point hear the question, “so, where do you get your protein from?”

Well, vegan NFL player, David Carter, has offered up the perfect response. Next time someone asks you the infamous question, just respond with, “anything under the sun.”

In a video uploaded by World of Vegan, David Carter explains, “everything that grows under the sun has protein. So, you know, it just has different variations of amino acids. But everything has protein in it.” He goes on to say, “so, as long as you’re eating something that is grown under the sun, you’re getting some protein.”

Carter is not alone in his thinking; many other athletes have also switched to a plant-based diet, proving that sourcing protein is not an issue without meat. Rocky Luedeker from Arizona is 62 years old and the proud current owner of 13 world records for weightlifting, she is also a vegan. She said, “a common myth is we don’t have enough protein, and we have more than enough protein.”

Top athletes are not the only ones steering clear of meat sources of protein either. According to a recent study, 58 percent of Americans have stated that vegan protein is on their radar more so than animal protein.

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Image Credit: 300poundvegan