David Tennant Is ‘More Vegetarian Than He Used to Be’

David Tennant at Mary Queen of Scots premiere

Scottish actor David Tennant says he’s been eating more vegetarian food these days.

In a YouTube video for Wired, Tennant and Jon Hamm — the stars of new Amazon Prime series “Good Omens” based on the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. — answered the “web’s most searched questions” about them.

While Hamm, who played Don Draper in the hit AMC drama “Mad Men,” was asked questions such as, “what happened to Jon Hamm’s voice?” and which high school he went to, Tennant answered whether or not he was Scottish (spoiler: he is), whether he’s related to Charlie Sheen (spoiler: he is not), and whether or not he follows a vegan diet.

The actor — primarily known for playing the Tenth Doctor in the popular BBC series “Doctor Who” — admitted that whilst he is not a vegan, he is “more vegetarian” than he used to be. Hamm replied, “I think we all are.”

Consumers Embrace Meat-Free Diets

Hamm’s right; more and more consumers are ditching meat or reducing their consumption of animal products for ethical reasons, as well as for the environment and for their health.

Animal agriculture is one of the world’s biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, rivaling that of every “car, truck, bus, ship, airplane, and rocket ship combined,” according to the United Nations. Meat consumption has also been linked with a number of serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Studies from earlier this year revealed that nearly 114 million Americans intend to eat more vegan food this year, and 91 percent of Brits now identify as flexitarian.

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s conducted the latter survey. Rosie Bambaji, the plant-based buyer for the chain, said in a statement, “we’re seeing increasing demand for plant-based products, and with the unstoppable rise of ‘flexitarianism’ in the UK, we are exploring further ways to make popular meat-free options more accessible.”

Celebrities Ditch Animal Products

Like Hamm and Tennant, a number of celebrities are trying to eat more vegan and veggie foods.

Reality TV star and makeup mogul Kim Kardashian revealed last month she was eating only plant-based foods at home. In the same month, rapper Macklemore announced he was giving up meat for health reasons. Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Joaquin Phoenix, and RZA are also among the increasing number of actors and musicians who have either ditched animal products completely or are attempting to reduce their intake.