‘Witchy’ Vegan Apothecary Now Delivers Fresh Juices and Elixirs to DC

‘Witchy’ Vegan Apothecary Now Delivers Fresh Juices and Elixirs to DC

Popular DC juicery, Jrink, has rebranded to become a holistic plant-based apothecary, named the Apothékary. The shop, located in Dupont Circle, is due to re-open to the public on the 16th of May with a delivery service option also available. Customers can expect a strong chic witchy vibe from the revamped establishment.

The juicery was founded when two busy friends struggled to eat healthily and consume adequate nutrients whilst working long shifts at the World Bank; the pair then decided to rebrand their business into a juicery and herb-centric vegan self-care shop.

“We noticed, DC really doesn’t have this here. We did the same thing with juice five years ago,” said Kate Murphy, the manager at Apothékary. “Now, we know that people are moving away from chemicals in their skincare. They’re not reaching for Advil every time they have a headache.”

The shop will also have a working herbalist to help customers find the perfect blend of natural ingredients to help with their ailments. Shizu Okusa, founder, and CEO of Jrink, noted that the business is “ready to help customers find healthier substitutes” as well as “quick fixes,” including Nyquil, Tylenol, and aspirin. “Jrink was founded on the belief that busy people shouldn’t have to compromise their well-being for productivity, and we believe the Apothékary will be the next step in that lifestyle,” said Okusa.

Included in the Apothékary’s range of natural ailment treatments is CBD oil and turmeric for pain relief, a blend of plants to promote vegan collagen production, herbal mushrooms to relax high-strung moods, and matcha powder to help sustain energy. Aligned with the positive, healing vision of the Apothékary, all ingredients are clearly labeled with its origin and details on how, when, and why it should be consumed or utilized.

In addition to the vegan elixirs served at the Apothékary, eating plant-based also poses many health benefits, including a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease and premature death, decreased erectile dysfunction, improved symptoms of acne, and reversed nerve damage.

Image Credit: Jrink