Deadpool 2 Speculated to Feature a “Devout Vegan Superhero”

Deadpool 2 Speculated to Feature a “Devout Vegan Superhero”

Following the great success of 2016’s Deadpool, a sequel is set to grace screens and theatres across the globe – this time with the installation of Deadpool 2.

A new trailer has just come out and the word on the street with clued up fans is speculation that a character, new to the Deadpool series will be a powerful, plant-strong vegan. This character technically goes by the name Neal Shaara, however, he is known more commonly as Thunderbird.

Vianne Ilagan writes: “In the “X-Men” world, Neal Shaara is the first Indian “X-Men” member and the third to take on the Thunderbird mantle. While he has the same name as his predecessors, his set of powers differs from them.”

Adding, “Aside from being a pyrokinetic [an ability which allows someone to control and create fire with their mind] character, he is also a vegan. One of Claremont’s many attempts at diversifying the X-Men world, he appeared in 30 issues of the Marvel comics.”

Nerdist even goes as far as calling Neal Shaara is “A devout vegan”.

Whether it’s Marvel’s intention or not, this character could help to further shift negative connotations around veganism and the stigma of being weak (even if Thunderbird is an exaggeration of reality). Hey, eat those greens and tofu and you never know what might happen…

In brainy terms, Thunderbird can turn the molecules in his body into solar plasma, which allows him to then change bits of himself into “thermodynamic energy furnaces that release luminescent radiance, pyrotechnic displays, concentrated plasma beams, shaped plasma charges that can deflect solid matter or displace volumes of air on impact for a heatless release of concussive force, and explosive thrust from his legs for flight or projection of focused blasts, flashes, or explosive spheres.” According to Wikipedia sources.

While it’s only speculation just yet that Thunderbird is set to be featuring in Deadpool 2, there’s no guarantee his enviable vegan powers will be spotlighted either. However, with veganism’s growth in popularity throughout 2017, Shaara’s vegetable affinity is a hot topic – perhaps they will indeed let Thunderbird ruffle some feathers within the film industry.

Here’s hoping!

And hey, in the meantime, you can get your vegan-superhero fix with this clip from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.



Image Credit: Flickr | Didit Putra | Wikimedia