Deliveroo Launches ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Steak this World Vegan Day

The Argentinian steak house brand, Moo Cantina, has partnered with Deliveroo to offer the people of London a bleeding vegan steak, delivered right to their door.

Despite how similar it may seem to Beyond Meat’s bleeding burger, Moo Cantina have developed the steak themselves, using beetroot, chickpeas, gluten-free oats, herbs, and spices to create the steak and beetroot juice to give the blood-like effect.

According to Big Hospitality, Deliveroo have noted that there has been a huge increase, 213%, in the number of vegan orders in the past year. Plant-based options across London are becoming more prevalent, with eateries such as Temple of Seitan, and Cook Daily proving incredibly popular.

Head of consumer communications at Deliveroo, Joe Groves, told Big Hospitality ‘For World Vegan Day, we wanted to offer a realistic ‘fake steak’, something delicious but completely free of animals products.’

Deliveroo’s decision to partner with Moo Cantina was explained by Groves, he asked ‘Who better to get the look and taste right than the experts at Argentinian steak house Moo Cantina?

The steak is available from today (1st November) but will only be delivered to those in the Pimlico area and who live around Brick Lane. The steak is priced at £9.95.

Image credit: FDF World | Big Hospitality