Designer Fashion Label Fendi Ditches Real Fur for Faux in Latest Fashion Show

Fendi Faux Fur Jacket

Luxury Italian fashion designer, Fendi, made a bold statement last week during the Paris Haute Couture event by sending faux fur down the runway. In doing so, the brand changed the name of its July show from “Haute Fourrure” to “Haute Couture.”

The high fashion industry has seen significant changes in the use of textiles within the past year, all in favor of more sustainable and cruelty-free fabrics. Gucci set the trend last October by vowing to ditch fur, shortly followed by Michael Kors and Versace. However, Fendi had remained an outlier, continuing to create pieces unapologetically made with animal fur.

However, the designer turned heads during its July show featuring its latest fall lineup. The collection was not completely devoid of fur, but many of the pieces were animal-free, a novel concept to the brand that makes a majority of its sales off fur pieces. The designer replicated the look of fur by ingenious sewing techniques using man-made materials. Chiffon was treated and stitched together to replicate the look of mink in a coat, and sequins were delicately placed upon a skirt suit to give the same effect of glistening astrakhan – the fleece of a lamb.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “The result was fabulous.”

Fendi purple dress

Vogue also covered the show and predicted more changes from Fendi in the future. “As the culture shifts away from fur—the BBC reported last month that the U.K.’s Labour Party has pledged to ban all fur imports—Fendi will of necessity have to expand its materials repertoire, be it with lab-grown fur or other man-made textiles,” the fashion publication reported.

Many sustainable fashion companies are already producing runway-worthy clothing using innovative, plant-based material. Apple leather is the latest textile in the world of sustainable fashion, and it has proved to be both refined, luxurious, and durable. Vegan actress and advocate Evanna Lynch recently posted an Instagram photo of herself showing off a gorgeous pair of electric blue apple leather heels from high-end vegan designer, Veerah. Hugo Boss is also looking into alternative leathers, adding a line of pineapple leather men’s shoes to its collection.

Some styles are timeless, and others are simply a fleeting trend. Fur is quickly becoming a fashion faux pas.

Image Credit: Fendi