Die Antwoord’s Minds = Blown By Vegan Burgers

Die Antwoord’s Minds = Blown By Vegan Burgers

Die Antwoord, an alternative hip hop group formed in South Africa, really love vegan food. Especially the type from Kind Kitchen in Cape Town.

Die Antwoord — made up of rappers Yolandi Visser and Ninja — shared a Facebook video to more than 2 million fans to express their love for The Kind Kitchen, which serves plant-based tacos, jackfruit burritos, cheesy nachos, and burgers featuring Beyond Meat patties.

In the video, Ninja is seen preparing to record vocals in a studio. He is stood by a microphone requesting that the track be turned up — until the camera pans to an opening door. Someone runs into the room carrying a bag, yelling, “food’s here!”

Ninja drops everything to go get the vegan eats, divvying up the haul to others in the studio before chowing down into a vegan burger of his own (with plenty of theatrics involved).

“Best Vegan Joint in Cape Town,” the video was captioned.

Veganism in South Africa

South Africa’s vegan community is growing. The country recently landed a spot in the top 30 countries where veganism is most popular. Food website Chef’s Pencil analyzed Google Trends data to see where in Africa, the second largest continent on the planet, people are most interested in plant-based living. It found that veganism in South Africa is experiencing an “all-time high,” noting that it was the only African country with a “sizeable vegan following.” South Africa was listed as the 23rd country in the world for interest in veganism.

The data suggested that the popularity of the movement will continue to grow. The country had an “interest in veganism” score of 12 in 2008. This figure has steadily increased since then, hitting 100 — signifying the most popular it has ever been — in January this year.

Vegan Musicians

Die Antwoord aren’t alone in their love for vegan burgers. Snoop Dogg is a vocal supporter of plant-based meat brand Beyond Meat. The rapper has driven a Beyond Meat food truck and served its “bleeding” vegan beef burgers to fans. He also took to Instagram to encourage people to “go get you some of that [vegan] meat. Eat better, live better, taste good, so says Snoop Dogg.”

Vegan musician Will.i.am said that ditching animal products helped to lower his cholesterol and blood pressure without medication. And eight out of ten members of the Wu-Tang Clan are vegan. The hip hop group even has a vegan Wu-Tang Clan makeup line and a cruelty-free clothing line.