Diners Flock to NYC Restaurant for Meatless Cantaloupe Burger

Ducks Eatery, a popular restaurant in New York City that caters to all diets, is making a burger out of an unexpected ingredient… cantaloupe. It may sound surprising, but the orange-fleshed melon appears to make a pretty impressive, meat-like burger when smoked and flavored. While it’s fat-free, the juiciness of the melon reportedly makes for a very meaty burger. The cantaloupe burger is one of the specialties dreamed up by chef Will Horowitz who runs Ducks Eatery.

Food writer Max Falkowitz of Thrillist describes the burger in great detail, taking readers to a galaxy far far away.

The best way I’ve found to describe chef Will Horowitz’s mystifying cantaloupe burger is by using a Star Wars analogy,” he writes. “Imagine you’re at the Mos Eisley cantina on Tatooine and the barkeep informs you that it’s binka burger night.

He continues, “The burger is delicious. Voluptuously smoky, with the unmistakable mineral twang of dry-aging, it sends a river of juice down your chin each time you take a bite. It tugs at your teeth in the way you’d expect from animal muscle and feels like meat.”

While you can still find lots of truly meaty tasting meatless options like the popular Beyond Burger or the Impossible Burger, tasty alternatives like the cantaloupe burger prove there are no limits to the potential of the plant kingdom.

Image Credit: Thrillist