Dolmio Just Launched Vegan Bolognese Mince Meat

Dolmio Just Launched Vegan Bolognese Mince Meat

Dolmio has launched a new vegan bolognese pasta sauce with mince meat.

The popular pasta sauce brand—owned by Mars, Incorporated—has released a new tomato pasta sauce pouch with soya mince, basil, and carrot pieces, called Dolmio Plant Based Bolognese.

Available from Tesco, the new protein-packed sauce serves one person and can be heated up in a frying pan in just 45 seconds.

“Dolmio believes in the value of sharing a meal together,” the brand says in a statement. “This sauce helps you create a delicious and wholesome meal that can be enjoyed any day of the week. Why not try adding your favorite veg, or even some chili to spice things up?”

It’s not the first new vegan product to land on Tesco’s shelves. Frozen pizza brand Chicago Town recently launched its first-ever vegan pizza with a tomato stuffed crust. The supermarket also has its own range of vegan meat, called Plant Chef.

“The biggest impact we can make as individuals, for our health but also that of the planet, is to eat more plants,” said Derek Sarno, Tesco’s director of plant-based innovation, in a statement. “At Tesco, we’re making that easier than ever by providing the widest and best range of plant-based options available on the UK high street.”

Dolmio Just Launched Vegan Bolognese Mince Meat
Dolmio’s new Plant Based Bolognese includes vegan meat. | @avegancalledamelia

Rising Demand for Vegan Food In the UK

According to recent research from Mintel, 20 million Brits are trying to reduce their meat consumption. UK supermarkets and brands are responding to demand. In 2019, 23 percent of all new food product launches in the UK were vegan. Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Iceland, and Marks and Spencer have all launched their own vegan ranges.

“The rising popularity of flexitarian diets has helped to drive demand for meat-free products. Many consumers perceive that plant-based foods are a healthier option,” said Kate Vlietstra, Mintel’s global food and drink analyst, in a statement.

Health reasons motivate 32 percent of meat-reducing Brits, says Mintel. Vlieststra added, “this notion is the key driver behind the reduction in meat consumption in recent years.”

Dolmio’s new Plant Based Bolognese sauce is available in a 150-gram pouch and costs £1.50.