Don Lee Farms’ Bleeding Vegan Burger Is Coming to Wegmans, HEB, and Amazon Fresh

vegan burger

California-based family-owned food company Don Lee Farms has announced that its Organic Plant Based Burger, a vegan burger that looks and sizzles on the grill like a raw beef patty, will soon be stocked at Wegman’s and HEB stores across the nation.

Starting today, the popular meatless burger will also be showcased by Amazon’s Treasure Truck, a mobile shop launched by the e-commerce giant that features one product per day at a discounted price. Today, trucks from coast to coast will stock Don Lee’s Organic Plant Based Burger, available for purchase through the Amazon App. CNBC reports that the truck operates in more than 25 cities across the U.S., where it is known to sell out of the featured product within “minutes.” 

“The treasure truck isn’t a huge money-making endeavor for Amazon, but more of a promotional stunt. In the 20 minutes we were at the truck filming, at least a half dozen curious people came by to see what all the noise was about,” writes CNBC. The one-day event holds strong potential to be a boon to Don Lee Farms; until now, the Organic Plant Based Burger has been exclusive to the membership-driven warehouse club, Costco.

The new burger isn’t just for vegans either; according to data collected from competitor plant-based protein brand Beyond Meat, 70 percent of customers who buy the “bleeding” vegan Beyond Burger are omnivores. Further, a survey conducted by the NPD Group revealed that 86 percent of customers who buy plant-based groceries are also meat-eaters.

Made from organic and non-GMO beans and seeds, Don Lee Farms’ Organic Plant Based Burger was designed to look, cook, taste, and even “bleed” like a real beef patty thanks to the addition of beet juice. The gluten-free burger launched in Costco last February where, like the vegan Beyond Burger in the packaged “fresh” meat aisle, it is stocked in the frozen section next to the meat. Within 60 days, the company announced that it had sold one million patties.

“Interest in our Organic Plant-Based Burger has just exploded,” said Donald Goodman, president of Don Lee Farms. “We are just keeping up with demand and are implementing plans to expand distribution every week … Having sold a million burgers this quickly has exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

According to Don Lee Farms, the Organic Plant Based Burger will be available in HEB and Wegmans stores within the next few weeks and available through Amazon Fresh “soon.” 

Image Credit: Don Lee Farms

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