‘Don’t Eat the Homies’ – The Vegan Clothing Brand For Punks Who Want Justice

Vegan clothing

New vegan punk-inspired apparel line “Don’t Eat the Homies” (DETH) was launched earlier this week. Co-founded by Jordyn Weekly and Enrique Sanchez-Rivera, the Venice, Calif.-based brand hopes to inspire others to embrace a compassionate, meat-free lifestyle through its hoodies and tees that deliver a playful message.

Vegan model Ireland Basinger-Baldwin, daughter of actors Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, donned DETH clothing for the brand’s first campaign. The model has previously appeared in an anti-fur campaign for international animal rights organization PETA.

“This is a country where industrial farming and Big Agro misinform consumers, manipulate our tastes, and market what benefits their bottom line with no regard for the health of the individual or our ecosystem,” the company wrote in a blog post announcing the launch.

“Because of their tricks, we’ve lost connection to the bald fact that animals feel pain as we do, seek comfort as we do, make connection as we do. Due to this fundamental ignorance, this is a country where rednecks in red states gleefully slap ‘PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals’ bumper stickers to their high-polluting, confidence-compensation cars. F*ck them,” the brand added.

Weekly and Sanchez-Rivera founded DETH with the intention of inspiring others to rethink the various ways that animals are exploited for food, clothing, and other purposes with simple, to-the-point messaging. The cruelty-free fashion brand’s aesthetic was inspired by the revolutionary punk movement of the ’70s and ’80s. DETH’s message is part of a larger movement that the founders call their “Plant Based Anarchy,” which “rebrands” veganism as “compassionate, not mushy. And frankly, dope as hell.”

In addition to providing clothing that rocks a cruelty-free message, part of the proceeds from every DETH clothing purchase will be donated to The Gentle Barn farm animal sanctuary.

Image Credit: Don’t Eat the Homies