Beauty Brand Dove and Dunkin’ Donuts Are Giving Away Free Cruelty-Free Vegan Dry Shampoo and Coffee

Beauty Brand Dove and Dunkin' Donuts Are Giving Away Free Cruelty-Free Vegan Dry Shampoo and Coffee

Newly certified cruelty-free personal care brand Dove has partnered with major donut chain Dunkin’ to give away a year’s supply of dry shampoo and coffee (and both are vegan).

The new, albeit unusual, partnership is in honor of National Coffee Day, which took place in the U.S. at the start of October.

“You spoke. We listened.” Dove and Dunkin‘ note on their new website, Dove x Dunkin. “Dove Hair and Dunkin’ have joined forces to celebrate women who are running on dry shampoo and coffee. Join the conversation for the chance to win the ultimate life hack – a year’s supply of coffee and dry shampoo!”

Dunkin’ doesn’t currently offer vegan donuts – although animal rights nonprofit Compassion Over Killing has launched a new Twitter campaign to change this fact – one option it guarantees as cruelty-free is coffee, which it serves black or with dairy-free milk options, such as almond or soy.

Dove’s dry shampoo is also vegan and cruelty-free, a certification it earned from PETA earlier this month after Unilever, the brands’ parent company, demanded a global ban on animal testing. According to Sophie Galvani, VP of Dove Global, the brand hasn’t tested on animals for 30 years, however, carrying PETA’s stamp of certification will now help to assure customers of this fact. “Dove does not, and will not, test on animals,” she confirmed in a statement.

To get involved with the vegan product giveaway, which started back in September and is due to run until November, social media users must share an image on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #DoveXDunkin and #DxDSweepstakes. However, there is a catch – participants must show how important both Dunkin’ coffee and Dove dry shampoo is to them, all in one image and caption.

The competition already has had a number of entrants, with social media users rising to the challenge and sharing images of their busy mornings both on Instagram and Twitter. Entry to the competition will close on November 8.

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