Dr Martens Launch Vegan Leather Classic Backpack

In an exciting new development, famous shoe brand Dr. Martens have released a vegan version of the classic backpack! Usually made of leather, the backpack comes in Cherry Red, similar to the well known Oxblood colour of their classic shoes.

The beautiful, satchel style backpack comes in a vegan material that Dr. Marten’s assures customers is very hardwearing, just like real leather. It’s made from 100% vegan synthetic materials and has ‘all the iconic Dr. Martens durability – because if you’re going to carry your life around in a bag, it should be one that’ll last,’ claims the website.

This isn’t the first vegan product that Dr. Martens has offered, having sold vegan versions of some of their shoes for quite a while now. Also on offer in the bag department are two satchels, both are in Cherry Red with one sized at 7” and the other at 11”.

The release of vegan bags to Dr. Martens line suggests a promising future for vegan versions of Dr. Martens sought-after fashion items, which although have been great so far have been a little limited.

If you want to grab one of these backpacks you can visit here (EU) or here (USA).