Is Dr. Stork’s New Book Secretly Vegan?

Dr. Stork

Dr. Travis Stork’s new book ‘The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life‘ promotes plant based protein and fiber as the best way to ensure gut health and to lose weight. Dr. Stork rose to fame after appearing on ‘The Bachelor’ and now on the Emmy Award winning show ‘The Doctors’. He is a New York Times bestselling author and his latest book recommends the following:

  • Instead of meat, use beans and lentils for increased fiber
  • Eat high fiber fruits and vegetables like raspberries, blackberries, green peas, artichokes
  • Pick a high-fiber cereal for the breakfast
  • Try and incorporate flaxseeds into meals

Dr. Stork’s book focuses on a high fiber diet over a low fiber diet as this has been found to be more beneficial to the quantity and variety of good bacteria necessary for overall weight loss and health. As the Scientific American reported:

“Short-chain fatty acids obtained from fiber are of particular interest, as they have been linked to improved immune functiondecreased inflammation and protection against obesity.”

The book does not mention ‘plant based diet’ or ‘vegan diet’ but it does recommend whole foods, plant fiber and with the exception of some meat and dairy in the recipe section it advocates plant based foods only. As he explains: “It’s not about restriction. It’s about feeding ourselves and our gut,” and the best way to do that is to eat a whole foods plant based diet.

Lose Belly Diet Book

Ironically Dr. Stork has been heavily criticised in the past for promoting meat and dairy, he controversially said that eating bacon and eggs for breakfast was “ok because you got protein and it fills you up for the rest of the day”. But he’s made a complete u-turn by now recommending plant based protein over meat. He’s not the only celebrity doctor advocating a vegan diet, the likes of Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil are all promoting plant based food choices. It could be argued that plant based is trendy and that’s the only reason they’re getting involved, however, what is for sure is that these doctors are helping more people eat for better health by promoting whole food plant based diets.

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