Drake Themed Pop-Up Bar to Serve Vegan ‘Buttermilk’ Wings

Drake Themed Pop-Up Bar to Serve Vegan ‘Buttermilk’ Wings

Entrepreneur Barrington Reeves started from the bottom now he’s here, opening a Drake-themed pop-up bar in Finnieston, Scotland. Everyone’s true dream realised.

If you’re vegan, love Drake and happen to be in Scotland for their launch next weekend (official dates 30th November to 3rd December), then you’re in luck. The bar will be serving up vegan ‘buttermilk’ seitan wings for the plant-based among us, the best you ever had or fake love? Sample and see, you could call them on your cell phone or just book the tickets online (this is 2017 after all). All the food is priced at £5, plus £5 entry (including a drink).

Named ‘A Wing and A Prayer’, Reeves said he wanted his new pursuit to be a mix of his two favourite things, food and music. In an interview with Glasgow Live, the business owner stated ‘we’ve really been able to push the boundaries creatively, coming up with fun and quirky ideas that most big agencies would shy away from. I always like to let a little bit of myself and my personality come through in projects, but this has allowed me to take it to another level.’ He added, ‘a lot of similar street food markets have been reserved, quite pretentious and gentrified. We wanted something more fun and fresh.

So don’t just hold on and go home next weekend, with their inclusive menu and unique theme, the quirky new concept is set to be a number one hit.

Image credit: Glasgow Live