Actor Ricky Gervais Says Animal Cruelty is ‘Just Wrong’, Regardless of ‘Tradition’

Actor Ricky Gervais Says Animal Cruelty is ‘Just Wrong’, Regardless of ‘Tradition’

Actor and passionate animal rights activist, Ricky Gervais, has once again used his influential platform to stand up for animals. The star Tweeted to his 13.2 million followers that: “[a]nimal cruelty is wrong. ‘But, it’s a tradition’, doesn’t make it right, ‘It’s part of my religion’ doesn’t make it right, ‘It’s my livelihood’ doesn’t make it right, and ‘people are more important’ doesn’t make it right either. You know why? Because it’s just wrong.”

After a skeptical Twitter user hit back at Gervais’ words by writing “[s]aying something is ‘just wrong’ doesnt make it wrong”, the actor was quick to shut down the user’s rebuttal. Within three minutes, Gervais replied “[c]orrect. It’s wrong already.”

A longtime voice for the voiceless, Gervais recently showed his commitment to animal welfare issues is not waning. Just last month, he signed a letter to Heads of the European Government and Heads of Member State, urging these politicians to use their lawmaking power to implement a ban on cosmetic animal testing, for good.

In another letter signed by the celebrity last month, he represented the nine out of ten Brits who support a fur-free Britain. An open letter urging Prime Minister Theresa May to ban all fur imports after Brexit was penned and delivered to Parliament. Also, after tweeting out a petition by Animal Equality that seeks to legislate a ban on foie gras imports to the U.K., he sparked an additional 25,000 signatures within only 72 hours.

Gervais is rumoured to be a vegetarian, which fits aptly with his passion for non-violence to animals.

Regardless, he has supported many organizations and campaigns that promote veganism, environmental-friendliness, and ethical living, both as a figurehead and financially. Not to mention the star’s many vegan-esque behaviours, such as refusing to buy animal materials or support bullfighting.

Image Credit: Ricky Gervais