Earth Balance Launches Vegan Trail-Mix-Inspired Nut Butters

Earth Balance, best known for its vegan buttery spreads, is set to launch three new trail-mix-inspired additions to its nut butter range: Coffee Chocolate Crunch, Cran Seed Crunch, and Choco Pretzel Crunch.

Vegan media publication, VegNews, shared snaps of the soon-to-be-released flavors which have been on display at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California.

Earth Balance currently offers five creamy, crunchy, protein-packed, gluten-free, peanut and flaxseed butters, perfect for spreading on toast, crackers, or just eating with a spoon (ladles work, too).

In addition, the Colorado-based brand makes six Buttery Spreads, two Baking Buttery Sticks, three Mindful Dressing and Sandwich Spreads (including mayonnaise), Cheddar Flavor Square Crackers, three Popcorn Puff options, three Kettle Chip options, and two pre-made Mac & Cheeses. With Earth Balance’s vast array of vegan options, nobody misses out on their favorite comfort foods.

Earth Balance has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in the late 1990s, starting out with just one non-GMO buttery spread. People soon started to take notice though, and the company’s vegan answer to buttery goodness flew off the shelves, quickly becoming the nation’s favorite. “[W]ay back in 1998, Earth Balance started out as a little company with one product: our non-GMO, expeller-pressed Original Buttery Spread. It wasn’t long before people started paying attention,” an extract from the company philosophy reads. “Like vegans, for example, who assumed they’d never taste anything buttery again. Then all of a sudden, right out of the blue, craveable, meltable, buttery goodness was back on the menu.”

“And so Earth Balance became the country’s fastest selling, most popular vegan buttery spread. We added more flavors and varieties to our line of spreads. Then we came up with delicious snacks, baking products, even Mac & Cheese. More Plant-Made variety in the grocery store – just for you.”

Image Credit: Vegnews