Easy Marinated Vegan Rice and Beans With Oat Milk Cream

Easy Marinated Vegan Rice and Beans With Oat Milk Cream

In the summertime, I crave simple, vegetable-based dishes that are not too hot but give a lot of energy.

When I was looking for some inspiration on my blog, I realized that I actually have very few salads and overall “healthier” recipes. Which says a lot about me and my taste buds! But when it is 30 degrees outdoors it is actually what I am craving. So expect a little more beans, whole grains, and salads here.

I threw this recipe together last week based on what we had in the fridge and the pantry in the summer cottage. It requires minimal cooking, just a little chopping and boiling of rice. I used Frebaco’s raw rice which was super simple and delicious but if you want you can replace it with ordinary rice (preferably not jasmine rice as it sticks too much).

The bean salad is a great base to put together and eat for a light lunch. Mix down any vegetables, such as corn, cucumber, pepper, tomato, or onion, and season as you like. Preferably buy beans that are a bit better quality so they do not stick together as much as they did here on the pictures.


Looking for more fresh, summer-inspired meal ideas? This gluten-free tabbouleh, complete with cauliflower couscous, is the perfect dish to enjoy in the sun. For a kick of protein, feel free to add cooked whole lentils or chickpeas.

For a light dinner, this grapefruit and avocado salad, served with punchy miso ginger dressing, is bursting with flavor. Crunchy roasted pistachios and pumpkin seeds top it off perfectly, offering protein, potassium, and magnesium.

For something a little heartier, go for a vegan salad and chickpea sandwich. It’s nutritious and delicious, sure to become a lunchtime staple.

To wrap up any meal perfectly, this refreshing watermelon crush drink is the way to go. For the hotter months, it’s great to sip on throughout the day, cooling you down and keeping you healthy.

This recipe was republished with permission from Jävligt Gott.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons