Answer the Door: Your Vegan Fudge Vulva Is Here

Yes You Can Eat All the Vegan Fudge Vulvas You Want Now

If you’re looking to tell your friend just how much you love and appreciate them, why not say it with a vegan fudge vulva? But where would you get such a magnificent creation? Fudgeina, that’s where.

Thanks to Fudgeina — a clever combination of the words “fudge” and “vagina” —  you can now send vegan fudge vulvas to all of your friends and your family members if you so desire.

You can even choose from three different flavors, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. A creme egg option is also available, but the Cadbury’s classic Easter offering — which the fudge is sent with for this option — is made with dairy and egg powder.

According to the UK-based company, the edible vagina parts are made from the highest quality fudge and then molded “into the beautiful shape you see,” you can then send your fudge vulva to anyone in the world.

The company has some suggestions for who you could send your vegan vulva to. Perhaps a friend, with no explanatory message? “Honestly who would have any idea what to do if they received this with no note?!” Asks Fudgeina. Or maybe to someone “that you worry won’t get to touch a vagina otherwise.”

The vegan fudge vaginas are available in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors | image/Fudgeina

Other suggestions include your partner, as a stag or hen gift for a groom or bride to be, or you could even buy it as a treat for yourself.

If you like the idea of a vegan fudge vulva, but you’re also in the market for a chocolate penis, then don’t worry – Dick At Your Door have you covered. Thanks to this company, you can send vegan chocolate penises to anyone you like, or really, really like; try the pretty Blossom gift box, or the Happy Birthday box, or the Don box.

“Originally developed as a way for people to anonymously tell their friends, office colleagues, etc to ‘eat a dick’ without the repercussions, Dick at Your Door has grown into a great way to spice up the bachelorette party, have a laugh, or just eat some great chocolate,” notes the Dick at Your Door website.

To stick with vaginas, you can order directly from the Fudgeina website; there is free delivery for customers in the UK.