Yes, You Can Eat Cookies for Breakfast

A triptych of oat cookies, breakfast granola, and tofu scramble.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

While it feels like a tired old saying, there is truth in it. When we sleep, we fast. So when we eat first thing in the morning, it kickstarts our metabolism again and gives us a boost of energy. But, let’s be honest, breakfast isn’t just about preparing for the day. It’s also about taste. Arguably, breakfast foods are some of the most delicious, particularly when washed down with a steaming cup of caffeine-loaded goodness. 

From fluffy tofu scramble to crunchy fulfilling oatmeal cookies (yes, cookies for breakfast!), we’ve gathered four simple yet flavorful recipes to break your fast with. In fact, they’re so good, you’ll want to eat them for lunch and dinner too. And who’s to say you can’t? The rules are there are no rules. 

A stack of oatmeal cookies
For added sweetness, add apple sauce to these oatmeal cookies. | Thomas Adams for LIVEKINDLY
A wooden board with granola in glasses
Enjoy chocolate for breakfast with this cacao orange granola recipe. | Luce Hosier for LIVEKINDLY
A frying pan with tofu scramble and tomatoes
For a really eggy scramble, add kala namak to your tofu. | Stephanie Evans for LIVEKINDLY
Banana bread cooling on a rack
Whip up this sweet, filling banana bread recipe in under an hour. | Thomas Adams for LIVEKINDLY