6 Must-Visit Vegan Eateries in Located in Dublin, Ireland

If you think the vegan options in the UK are impressive, a trip to Dublin is in order. After making the jump across the pond 4 months ago, we have been overwhelmed by the array of lovely vegan meals on offer. We have managed to whittle down our list of favourites to six. Many of our weekend breaks in Europe nowadays revolve around where we want to eat. This list may be manageable for those of you who want to squeeze in some lovely sight-seeing as well.

Top 6 Delicious Vegan Eateries in Dublin

1. Happy Food

We start with our absolute favourite, Happy Food. It is tucked away off the busy Camden Street on a small thoroughfare. If the name Camden Street sends tourist-dodging jitters thought your legs, don’t fret. This is more like Shoreditch before it was one big trendy food market.

This all vegan café menu will have you on the edge, on the edge of booking another trip back. Our two favourites are the tofu bbq ribs & pad Thai with crunchy veg, almonds and smoky tofu. We are yet to try the famous vegan fish and chips but it’s on the list.

2. Staple Foods

When we are really in need of a big tasty feast, this is the place. The servings are so generous and the variety is almost overwhelming. There is mix of Mexican, Japanese, Indian & the Middle East influences. As someone who is always wooed by falafel, a strong favourite is the Mexican avocado bowl with crunchy falafel. The salad almost outshines the main event with roast sweet potato, spinach, pearl barley, cucumber & tomato salsa, sweetcorn and lime vinaigrette.

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, we recommend the three-bean vegan chilli. It has tomato, cacao, jalapeno, coriander, red peppers, onion, cumin and butter beans. It’s spicy but sweet, and will knock any lurking germs on their behind!

3. Veginity

Vegninity is a food truck which you can find in a few different locations. However, we recommend Eatyard, a small market on Camden Street open from Thursday to Saturday. Veginity is run by Aussie chef Mark Senn. Mark’s chef crocs have seen the inside of some serious kitchens, such as Soul Mama in Melbourne and Mildred’s in London.
It’s an ever-changing menu however fear not, Menu Browsers. You won’t be disappointed! Some highlights lately have been the plantain tostones or the avocado chocolate torte with Alfajores de Dulce de Leche.

4. Sova Vegan Butcher

Head chef Bart Sova of Poland loves to experiment with meat substitutes like tempeh and seitan. He manages to make dishes that taste exactly like the original, if not better. He offers steaks, schnitzels and burgers. Bart puts a huge emphasis on presentation and the fact that it is BYOB makes it a winner for us. A firm favourite is the watermelon & zucchini tartare served on coconut polenta, with orange & tarragon balsamic and avocado mousse.

5. Blazing Salads

This self-serve deli is a blessing and a curse. When you see the array of choice you will understand. There is a hot food counter & salad bar, you most likely won’t be able to go past the spelt pizza or filo pastry turnovers. If you don’t want to spend 10-15 minutes salivating over the choices, grab the sweet potato and black bean hot pot with cornbread topping and head to St Stephen’s Green.

6. Yamaori

Last but not by any means least. The Japanese powerhouse Yamaori caters amazingly to the vegans & vegetarian of the city. You have three choices spread out across the city however, our favourite is the Yamamori Izakaya. Here we usually go for the 7-spice tofu with tamarind and cashew sauce or the nasu age (eggplant) with homemade honey miso sauce.

If you’re feeling a trip to Dublin is on the horizon you won’t be disappointed. The food will exceed your expectations (and makes up for the bad weather). If you’re heading out of the city, make sure to visit these options in Ireland. You won’t be left hungry anywhere.

Author: Brittnay Sharman The Nut Butter Hub The Travelling House Sitters