England Set to Ban The Use Of Wild Animals in Circuses

In a move that sees the country dawdling behind Scotland, Italy, New York City and India, England have introduced a draft bill that will hopefully see them finally ban the use of wild animals in circuses.

Michael Gove has stated that he intends to make the ban a reality after a draft bill was initially introduced by David Cameron back in 2013. Sadly, although the bill had support from members of parliament 5 years ago, it failed to become law.

There are currently nineteen wild animals used in travelling circuses across the country, these include camels, reindeer and zebras as well as a raccoon, a fox, a macaw and a miniature zebu.

94.5% of the public is in support of saving these animals from the circus environment and preventing any more from being introduced in the future.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said, ‘the government wants to see an end to the use of wild animals in travelling circuses and will legislate for a ban as soon as parliamentary time allows.’

The news will come as a relief to The Born Free Foundation who have stated in the past, ‘the number of circuses with wild animals and the number of wild animals used by circuses have declined in recent years but we consider that a ban on wild animals in circuses across the whole of the UK is long overdue. A travelling circus environment simply cannot provide for the needs of wild animals.’

Image credit: DirkJan Ranzijn