Environmentalists Leonardo Di Caprio, Moby, and Jane Goodall Plot to Save the Planet (Probably?) Over a Vegan Lunch

Environmentalists Leonardo Di Caprio, Moby, and Jane Goodall Plot to Save the Planet (Probably?) Over a Vegan Lunch

In an Instagram post that may one day be viewed by historians as the moment humanity took a critical 11th-hour step toward reversing its carbon-spewing footprint and saving the planet from the grips of devastation, vegan musician Moby, anthropologist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall, and actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio apparently had lunch together.

The trio is pictured atop a sunny Los Angeles hillside in a post shared by both Moby and DiCaprio. Moby’s caption simply stated: An inspiring lunch with two of my favorite environmentalists,” as the three stand together, arms locked. DiCaprio called it “an inspiring day in LA.”

The lunch was likely much more than a breezy Sunday spring brunch between friends; all are known for their passionate activist work for the environment and for animals.

Dr. Jane Goodall is best-known for her work in Tanzania at the Gombe Stream National Park where she spent years documenting and living amongst wild chimpanzees. Her groundbreaking research led her to become an outspoken conservationist, traveling the planet to raise awareness about the plight of climate change and habitat loss for animals across the globe. She’s become one of the most prominent voices in urging world leaders to take action on climate change. Goodall is the subject of the recent National Geographic documentary film, “Jane,” directed by Brett Morgen. Now in her 80s, Goodall, a longtime vegetarian, continues to travel and spread the messages of conservation and compassion as well as the benefits of a plant-based diet.

A vegan more than three decades, Moby is a multifaceted artist, author, restaurateur, and activist. He’s become a tireless voice for the animals, saying that animal activism is his “life’s work.” He’s the co-founder of LA’s Circle V vegan festival and his restaurant offers discounts to employees of animal rights organizations. All profits from the restaurant and many of his other projects, including album and concert ticket sales, have also been donated to various animal rights organizations.

In his 2016 Academy Award acceptance speech for best actor in a lead role for his performance in “The Revenant,” Leonardo DiCaprio called for action in the battle against climate change. A longtime advocate for the climate, DiCaprio produced and narrated the 2016 documentary “Before the Flood.” He recently spoke out about elephant poaching and endorsed a forthcoming film about our food’s impact on the planet. The actor has invested in numerous projects aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change including vegan meat producer Beyond Meat, the chickpea-based snack brand Hippeas, and most recently a green energy hotel in Israel.  

The lunch meeting wasn’t the first time Moby and DiCaprio were seen together. LIVEKINDLY spotted the two last month having dinner at Moby’s vegan Little Pine restaurant.