Esteemed Culinary School Given Plant Based Makeover

Matthew Kenney Culinary school is back in session for the fall semester this month, but it’s had a bit of a makeover. Now called PLANTLAB Culinary Academy, the institute is described as being the ‘premiere educational platform and plant based think tank.’ Currently PLANTLAB only have academies in LA, but come winter a new location will open in SoHo, New York City.

PLANTLAB are looking to revolutionise the ways in which people perceive plant based food. Students can enrol on a variety of different courses, from full time chef training to weekend workshops. These programs focus on different aspects of plant based cooking, including raw foods, chocolate, pastries and super-foods. The courses aim to ‘provide students with the foundation for creating healthy, aesthetically refine and flavourful cuisine to transform one’s life from the inside out.’

CEO of PLANTLAB, Adam Zucker, is delighted about the changes made to the company. ‘The team at PLANTLAB is excited to start a new chapter,’ says Zucker. ‘Through our new chef partnerships, updates to curriculum and weekend workshops we are aiming to make plant based cuisine the norm and not the exception.’

Over the course of the next year, the academy will provide a number of European pop-ups in Berlin, Milan, London and Barcelona. They will even venture to Sydney to bring plant based culinary skills to consumers across the world.

PLANTLAB want to emphasise healthy plant based foods, with a focus on unprocessed, organic wholefoods.

The aim of this transformation, is to make plant based foods accessible: ‘PLANTLAB exists to proclaim that a plant based lifestyle is attainable for everyone.’

Courses for plant based cuisine are appearing more frequently across the US. Inclusion of these courses in esteemed educational culinary institutions shows that not only is plant based food becoming more widely accepted as normal in society, but also that it can be just as innovative, inspiring and tasty as food using animal products.

Image credit: PLANTLAB