UK’s First Vegan, Eco-Friendly Fashion Comparison Tool ‘Compare Ethics’ Launches

compare ethics ethical fashion

The UK’s first ever ethical fashion comparison tool Compare Ethics is set to launch next month.

The new tool will help the UK’s rising population of conscious consumers connect with brands that are ethically sound and care about the effect that fashion can have on animals, the planet, and people.

Compare Ethics, which will compare clothing brands in a similar way to insurance comparison sites, was founded by Abbie Morris and James Omisakin. The Londoners were bored with the endless trawl across the internet to find clothing companies that fit with their values. “Frustrated with this fragmented and long way of finding ethical brands, we decided to create a one-stop shop: where shoppers who care about fair wages, treatment of animals and the environment can compare and choose brands they trust and love,” the Compare Ethics website notes. “At the same time, ethical brands out there can come to one place to engage with the shoppers they are looking for.”

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From social media to pop up shops, the new tool will cover all bases so that users can easily find the brands that fit their needs. The new business is timely; a recent survey by online retailer Clothes2Order noted that 44 percent of UK consumers will boycott a brand without a sufficient ethical and eco-friendly policy, and 50 percent will research a brand’s ethical policies before purchasing from them.

“People genuinely care about the impact they’re having on the world,” concluded the survey. “They understand that the time is now if we are going to make a change and claw back some of the damage that has been done to the environment. They want to feel good about their purchases and know that although they are enjoying some retail therapy, they’re still doing the right thing.” 

The study found that London is the top spot for ethical consumers. And that across the UK, those aged 25 to 34 are the most concerned about where their clothing comes from. The industry must respond to this change in attitude, said Clothes2Order managing director Simon Turner.

“The results from our survey have categorically shown consumer attitudes are changing,” he said. “Business owners are going to have to adapt to greener methods of working or face the consequences.”

To help celebrate its launch, Compare Ethics will host a pop-up shop at London’s month-long vegan festival V For Festival. Tickets are available here.