Everyone Is Obsessed With Vegan Leather Puffer Jackets

Vegan leather puffer jackets are taking the fashion world by storm, especially those created by Budapest-based clothing brand Nanushka.

Designed by the brand’s founder Sandra Sador, the vegan leather puffer in question is available in three different colors, Black, Root Beer, and Blush.

Nanushka notes on its website“There is a lot to love about the puffer. It adds volume and dimension to any look; can be styled in a myriad of ways and of course, it’s inherently functional. Made from a special vegan leather with a soft, lustrous feel.”

The jacket was spotted on a number of front row regulars and highly-regarded influencers in the industry at New York Fashion Week last month. Fashion magazine Fashionista noted at the time, “Sandra Sandor is a favorite among the influencer set, so it’s no surprise that her creations are seen regularly outside of the shows this week.”

Influencer Vintagebaza wears the vegan leather puffer during Paris Fashion Week | image/vintagebaza

The puffer isn’t Sandor’s only vegan creation, Nanushka has a whole section on its website dedicated to vegan leather. Options range from trench coats, to mini skirts, to flared pants, bags, and even flip flops.

Vegan versions of animal-based fabrics are becoming more popular in the fashion industry. In the last 12 months, a number of brands have opted to ditch fur, mohair, and exotic skins from their collections. Leather, however, remains a staple for many designers.

But like Sandor, there are a few influential fashion figures hoping to lead the industry away from leather-based materials.

Stella McCartney focuses on creating vegetarian, sustainable fashion, and recently she took the opportunity to speak out via an interview with Vogue about the leather industry.

“An animal decomposes when it’s natural, but after all the chemical treatments [applied] to a leather handbag, it isn’t going to decompose in your wardrobe. That product is staying alive because of the chemicals that have been put on it,” she explained.

Regarding designers dropping materials like crocodile skins and fur, McCartney added, “It’s a good message, but [those statements] can feel a little throw-away. If you really mean it, stop using leather, full stop, and then you’ll see a massive, massive change in the industry’s environmental impact.”