FatFace Take a Stand Against Down with Feather Free Vegan Puffers

No more down, for ducks’ sake.’

FatFace have taken a stand against down this year and have gone completely animal product free in their new line of puffer jackets. The brand have replaced the down in their jackets with PrimaLoft®, which does the same thing without any animals being harmed.

We’re taking a stand for our feathered friends,’ says FatFace, advertising the new jackets on their page.

Many people concerned with animal welfare stay away from buying products that use down. Although certain companies claim that they are able to source down ethically, and without harming the animals, this is very often difficult to trace. In addition to this, the conditions that birds are kept in are a cause for concern, not just the way that their feathers are taken from them.

PrimaLoft® have created insulation that is waterproof, lightweight, soft and breathable. Some of their insulation is even made from recycled materials. FatFace describe it as[s]oft, light and seriously warm – it looks like down, feels like down, but it’s a completely sustainable material.’

Many people believe that down alternatives don’t keep people as warm as bird feathers. However, FatFace is an incredibly reputable luxury brand, who aren’t likely to compromise on quality. Their choice to use a down alternative, and to advertise it, suggests that their consumers are moving away from wanting down in their jackets.

This may encourage other large companies to follow suit and seek other ways to fill their puffer jackets.

Image credit: FatFace