Faux Fur Fashion and Vegan Eats Promoted at New York Fashion Week

A vegan-inspired fashion show took place last week as part of New York Fashion Week. The event showcased a variety of cruelty-free outfits, plant-based meals, and vegan products.

Actress and activist Leesa Rowland hosted the event “Ashram for Animals and Yoga” held in support of rescued dogs and cats. Animal Ashram, of which Rowland is the founder, organized the event at Animal Ashram’s first annual pop-up penthouse.

Pelush designer Anna Tagliabue showcased 20 different looks from her faux fur line. Guests were invited to stay after the fashion show for a vegan lunch, donated by WILD Restaurant. The event also featured the opportunity to adopt a pet in need from Animal Haven. Vegan products were up for grabs, and yoga and meditation classes were also available.

Vegan fashion line Pelush says it aims to “reposition and transform the boundaries of the faux fur world”. Each item of clothing is created from Italian fabrics and is carefully crafted to offer a “luxurious and elegant experience”.

Many consumers have been leaning away from the purchasing and wearing of animal fur, with multiple organisations campaigning for tighter regulations around the practice.

“I believe in cruelty-free products and that is why I am involved… It’s great to showcase my work at this event during New York’s Fashion Week,”  Tagliabue said of the event.

She added: “Pelush is a wonderful alternative for the modern woman in search of glamour, comfort, and the warmth of a plush coat.”


Vegan model: Brana Dane

Animal Ashram provides funding for offering sanctuary to homeless animals. The group’s mission is to raise money for public outreach programs and spread awareness about “equality of life among all living beings”.

“We believe that animals are not ours to eat, experiment on, to be used for entertainment, to be killed for their fur and skin or be exploited or abused in any way.

“All animals suffer pain as well as fear and experience a range of emotions and feelings. They all have unique personalities and should be respected as the individuals they indeed are.”