Female Millennial CEO Launches Sustainable Vegan Footwear Line

Sara Irvani, a third-generation shoemaker and millennial CEO, has launched a new footwear brand, Third Oak. Irvani’s vegan-friendly shoes are made sustainably, using only recyclable materials, including a bio-based material made from soy derivatives. This allows the company to produce fashionable shoes yet “leave the environment safe for future generations.”

When Irvani discovered the facts about the “hidden wasteful side of shoe manufacturing,” she banded together with her team to create a sustainable brand that is both attractive and affordable.” Relying on fabrics made from recycled materials, upcycled materials, and renewable resources reduce the greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere, which are slowly warming the planet and damaging its ecosystems. The team at Third Oak believe that anyone “can make a difference by making simple, conscious choices – starting with the shoes we wear.” 

Based in Atlanta, the shoes will be made locally with a low carbon footprint. The location of the factory saves 10,000 miles of travel typically needed to produce each pair of shoes. “Currently less than 1% of all shoes are manufactured in the United States and even fewer are made responsibly…Third Oak’s local Georgia roots contribute to cleaner air with a carbon footprint of 1/200th of the average imported shoe,” the company states on its website.

Third Oak is not alone in its quest for sustainable, vegan-friendly footwear. Native Shoes have recently launched a new line of zero-waste, vegan slip-on shoes. Speaking to LIVEKINDLY last month, CEO of the company Scott Hawthorn saidChoosing to include more beast-free products in your life has a positive impact on personal wellness, animal rights and on the environment. It’s one way we can each have a positive impact on the world. At Native Shoes we don’t lecture people on their personal behavior but present them different possibilities that they might not have considered before.”

Image Credit: Third Oak