Fifth Harmony Star Announces She Has Gone Vegan


Lauren Jauregui, member of US girl group Fifth Harmony, has announced she is trying veganism.

The announcement came after a fan tweeted the star asking about her workout routines, commenting that Lauren is “looking so good lately”. The singer responding, telling fans she has “just been eating cleaner” and trying a “vegan/plant based” diet. Lauren admitted that she does have slip ups, like many do, but overall the shift is still an important one.

Lauren isn’t the first celebrity to ditch animal products. Superstars Ne-Yo and have both credited their new vegan diets for their improved health and weight loss. Meanwhile, songstress Mya remains an outspoken advocate for the lifestyle, as well as Bryan Adams. Superstar Robbie Williams celebrated his 44th birthday this year with a vegan cake, after announcing “I am vegan”.

Actors James Cromwell and Joaquin Phoenix are two other outspoken vegan celebs, while stars Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling have both recently been spotted in vegan fashion items.

An increasing number of people are realizing the benefits of plant based diets and vegan living. In some countries, the amount of people ditching meat has doubled, while veganism sees record highs.

Farmers have voiced their concerns about the number of celebrities backing the cruelty-free cause. Dairy Show chairman Colin Evans previously admitted that farmers now needed to “prove” that they “produce food in a healthy matter”, due to the amount of celebrities supporting veganism and vegetarianism.

It seems that the movement will not be slowing down any time soon. In the UK, almost 30% of meals are now meat-free, according to new data. Further, it has been said that veganism is now “mainstream”.