Finneas O’Connell: Being Vegan Is ‘Criminally Easy’

Finneas O’Connell: Being Vegan Is ‘Criminally Easy’

Finneas O’Connell took to Instagram to tell his 2.5 million followers that being vegan is “criminally easy.”

The singer-songwriter—who is the brother of pop singer Billie Eilish—made the statement while promoting Plant-Based Party for the People. The group held a virtual event on the weekend of July 24 through the 26 to raise money for Support + Feed. Support + Feed is a Los Angeles-based initiative that helps to provide plant-based meals to those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. It was founded by his mother, Maggie Baird.

“I just wanted to talk for a second about the plant-based party going on over the weekend,” O’Connell said. “I wanna shout out Support + Feed. I want to shout out Monty’s for making this custom blueberry pie milkshake. I’m gonna try it right now.” Monty’s Good Burger is a Los Angeles-based vegan burger restaurant that took part in the virtual event.

He continued: “It’s so good, it’s honestly like so criminally easy to be vegan right now you have no excuse not to.

Support + Feed

Baird founded Support + Feed in March. She created the charity to help struggling families and vegan businesses amid the COVID-19 outbreak. “We created a platform where we could provide plant-based, healthy, nutritious meals to people in need. And, in turn, help the restaurants and everyone involved with them from the farmers to the cooks,” Baird told LIVEKINDLY.

Support + Feed currently provides aid in Los Angeles, New York City, and—most recently—Philadelphia. The group has partnered with a number of vegan restaurants. Customers can choose to donate to them when they place their order.

The donations go toward meals, which the restaurants give to Support + Feed. The group delivers them to donation centers, which distribute them to people in need. “We want to prove to people that people care about the planet. [And] that people know that eating a plant-based diet is one of the most important things we can do for the planet,” Baird said on Instagram.

O’Connell regularly speaks out in support of his mother’s initiative. “All values and qualities I aspire to possess and uphold are yours mom,” he wrote on Instagram on Mother’s Day. “If anyone can change the world, it’s you.”