Freelancer Journalist, UK

Fisker Inc. ‘designer and manufacturer of the world’s most desirable electric vehicles,’ is set to unveil the EMotion today (January 9th).

Among many of the features that it boasts, the EMotion will have a vegan interior option in addition to the traditional leather. Described as ‘defining the future of luxury’ the interior colours will be ‘Caramel’ and ‘Midnight Black’.

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The EMotion has an impressive spec, with the battery being able to last up to 500 miles, and charging in just a minute, an even quicker process than filling up your car with fuel.

Fisker’s main rival is Tesla, another electric car company that last year changed the seats in their vehicles to be vegan leather. At the moment, the interior of Tesla cars aren’t 100% vegan by default due to the steering wheel cover, but customers can still opt for the vegan version of this.

According to Fisker Inc., it was the first electric car company to offer a vegan option in their cars. The previous model that offered a vegan interior, was the Fisker Karma S.

Due to the fact that electric cars are developed in order to be better for the environment than current petrol or diesel engines, vegan leather seems like a natural progression. Animal agriculture accounts for a huge proportion of the world’s CO2e emissions and is having a very real impact on our climate.