Florida College Launches Plant-Based Culinary Program

McFatter Technical College in Florida has recently begun its first ever plant-based culinary course this August, that the program’s creator believes might be the first of it’s kind in the state. Chef Patti Lang, who has previously worked in the college’s School of Culinary Arts believes that this course reflects the rising trend of veganism across the country saying, ‘[v]egan and vegetarian lifestyles are growing in popularity as the public becomes aware of various health issues which can be prevented or improved by consuming a plant-based diet.

Students who take the sixth month cause will do so in two parts, Vegetarian Food Preparation and Vegetarian Restaurant Cooking. The program, which will set students back just over $2,000, will give students an industry credential.

McFatter Technical College is a very affordable way for students to get an excellent education in a short amount of time,’ says Lang. ‘This course prepares students for employment in the plant-based food industry and personally can be a catalyst to a healthier lifestyle as well.’

Lang hopes that students of the course will go on to be employed at some of the plant-based restaurants popping up around Miami. Despite the increased interest in plant-based eating, there appears to be a severe lack locally of plant-based culinary training and that’s why Lang believes the program is so important.

These restaurants need professionally trained cooks, and this is why we felt the need to start this program,’ she says, ‘[n]o other local culinary program offers anything this in-depth pertaining to plant-based.

Although other institutions have offered plant-based and even raw cooking courses across America, when small colleges start offering similar programs it shows just how far reaching veganism and plant-based eating is becoming. If the McFatter Tech course is a success, they could be responsible for a new generation of plant-based chefs across Miami.