Florida Just Got Its First Vegan Fast Food Drive Thru

Florida Just Got Its First Vegan Fast Food Drive Thru

Florida now has a vegan fast food drive thru. Life – The Vegan Drive Thru opened in Cape Coral, a coastal city in the southwestern region of the state, in late December.

The new restaurant offers vegan versions of fast food classics. The Snausage Breakfast Sandwich features a housemade plant-based sausage patty, dairy-free cheese, and a tofu egg on a bun. It also serves coconut bacon cheeseburgers, coconut BLTs, and plant-based tuna melts.

For sides, there is pesto pasta, potato salad, chips and guac, chili, and broccoli cheddar soup (made with a cashew cream base). Healthy fare is also on the menu. There are salads, smoothie bowls, fresh-pressed juices, and smoothies.

Florida Just Got Its First Vegan Fast Food Drive Thru
Florida’s first vegan fast food drive thru is open for business. | Life – The Vegan Drive Thru

Vegan Fast Food on the Rise

Thus so far, vegan drive thrus have been more of a west coast thing. Plant Power Fast Food, a California-based mini-chain, has five restaurants throughout the state. Two other locations are on the way and the company plans to have ten new locations by 2021.

Co-founder Zach Vouga believes that healthier, vegan fast food is “the wave of the future.”

Perhaps a good omen of the future of fast food, Plant Power Fast Food’s newest location took over a former Carl’s Jr. restaurant. The company’s ethos is steeped in creating food that’s kind to people, animals, and the planet.

Vouga told Longbeachize last November that “we totally understand that diet is such a personal issue and that each person goes at his or her own pace.” He added, “the brand is really all about turning people on to how delicious plant-based food can be.

Amy’s Drive Thru, the first vegetarian drive thru in the U.S., has two locations in California—one in Rohnert Park and another at the Harvey Milk Terminal in SF Airport.

Though not a drive thru, west coast-born vegan fast food chain Veggie Grill is in the midst of a nationwide expansion. Its first New York City location opened late last year.

Life – The Vegan Drive Thru is located on 3310 Del Prado Boulevard South in Cape Coral.