5 Food Predictions That Star Trek Got Totally Right

The Star Trek series and their collection of movies are some of the most popular films to date. These sci-fi films created a fictional universe that many fans have taken well into the non-fiction reality. Whether it was the intention of creators or not, Star Trek has set some strikingly accurate predictions in various forms that we are seeing more and more of in our ever-evolving society. From innovative technologies and recognisable catchphrases to seemingly strange culinary feats – here’s 5 times Star Trek predicted today’s major food trends.

5 Food Predictions That Star Trek Got Totally Right

1. Raw Food

Raw foodism is overtly popular currently. Many celebrities are embracing this way of eating and ovens across the globe are experiencing a severe neglect through lack of use. However, before this lifestyle gained the momentum it boasts today – Star Trek was already on it.

2. Lab Grown Meat

Particularly recently, lab-grown meats, fish and leather are taking over traditional animal-derived products. Even major pork consumers are investing in the industry. Hampton Creek aims to produce lab-grown meat which is available for the public before 2018, however Commander Riker from Star Trek was onto this innovative idea before us modern folk.

“We no longer enslave animals for food purposes. You’ve seen something as fresh and tasty as meat, but it’s been inorganically materialized out of patterns used by our transporters.”

3. Bug Consumption

The latest Western-diet health-trends include eating cricket protein, although this is already a popular practice in cuisines across the globe. While vegans don’t encourage or condone this creepy (skin)crawly practice, it does just further prove Star Trek’s accuracy with the Ferengi race who eat a solely-insect diet.

5. Synthetic Alcohol

In an episode of The Next Generation, character Montgomery Scott was given ‘synthehol’ – an alcohol that doesn’t give intoxication effects but still has the same taste and smell as traditional alcohol. In today’s world, a British neuroscientist has invented ‘alcosynth‘ which he claims behaves as alcohol yet saves consumers from a hangover.

5. Coffee and Chocolate Culture

The Star Trek series did not create these beloved foods but they sure boosted societal dependence on them. Star Trek also so accurately predicted that humans will never stop finding new ways to use and consume the two C’s. Even though there is a whole galaxy of different foods – some things will just never go out of style.

According to Star Trek, by the year 2364, the world will ‘no longer enslave animals for food purposes‘. As veganism’s popularity continues to grow worldwide, perhaps this will be Star Trek’s next prediction that turns out to be entirely true.

Image Credit: Fanpop