Arsenal Footballers Launch Sustainable Vegan Skincare Range for the Planet

Arsenal Footballers Launch Sustainable Vegan Skincare Range for the Planet

Professional footballers Matheiu Flamini and Mesut Özil have launched a new sustainable, vegan wellbeing personal care brand, UNITY.

With 11 natural, paraben-free skin, body, and hair products, Flamini and Özil’s new range aims to help consumers “feel and do good” at the same time.

“UNITY came from a passion to prove that we can do good for ourselves, while also doing good for our planet,” said the co-founders in a statement. Both have played for the premier league team Arsenal, and Özil currently remains at the club. “The damage that has already been done is irreversible,” they continued. “But we can take charge of what happens next by making better choices.”

Everyone should have equal access to affordable, natural products that aren’t harmful to the sustainability of our planet and our bodies,” they added. “UNITY is founded on the belief that progress and improvement only happens when we work together, so we’re hoping we can start to tackles these major global issues as a collective and that our efforts will start to inspire others to follow suit.”

As well as taking care of the planet, Özil and Flamini want to take care of people with their new brand. The duo has pledged to give one percent of the profits from each sale towards causes that work hard to support people, as well as the environment.

Özil’s main motivation, according to the UNITY website, is to ensure a “brighter, and healthier future for the next generation.” For Flamini, it’s about raising awareness of climate change. The athlete has worked in the sustainability sector for the last ten years, helping to “provide a solution” to the current environmental crisis.

Özil and Flamini are not the only environmentally conscious players in the industry. Earlier this year, vegan and carbon neutral club Forest Green Rovers launched a new environmentally-friendly clothing brand named 1889. The materials for the range were sourced sustainably and ethically and will help to promote the team’s eco-friendly ethos.

To learn more about UNITY, or to purchase a product, see here.

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