For All Kind’s Vegan Parkas Might Just Be the ‘Beyond Meat’ of Outerwear

For All Kind’s Vegan Parkas Might Just Be the ‘Beyond Meat’ of Outerwear

When summer is over, the days get shorter. That means chillier weather is on the horizon. It’s time to pack away those sunnies, sandals, and shorts until next year, and cozy up in the ultimate winter coat.

And one coat style, in particular, is synonymous with winter: the parka. The timeless winter classic is traditionally fur-lined. After all, the furry parka is guaranteed to keep you cozy through to March, right? But is it guaranteed to keep your ethics intact? Brands like Canada Goose offer a number of parka designs, but a whole lot of animals have to suffer for winter fashion.

Down feathers are used for insulation and wild coyote fur lines those ultra-stylish hoods. But when you consider that those coyotes are caught in traps and then shot or bludgeoned to death, or that those geese, on their way to be slaughtered and plucked, can be kept in cramped conditions for up to 24 hours, causing them distress, anxiety, and in some cases, suffocation — those parkas suddenly seem a lot less stylish.

The Moss Parka utilizes vegan down and faux furs.

Same Classic Parka, Zero Cruelty

If you want the same look and feel minus the cruelty, Toronto-based company For All Kind has created compassionate, cruelty-free parkas that will keep you toasty until spring.

With a cozy and stylish faux fur lining and hood trim, its Moss Parka is warm to -35°C / -31°F, putting to rest any unnecessary need to harm innocent animals for warmth or fashion. Beneath its protective outer shell, its pockets are also fleece-lined for comfort.

The Essential Parka, while more minimal in design, delivers maximal performance and versatility. It has a water-repellent and windproof shell fabric, 7 functional pockets, and both the hood and faux fur trim are removable. As well as parkas, the brand offers a reversible Weekend Puffer, which delivers three styles in one.

If you’re worried your ethics might put you at a disadvantage, don’t. The coats are lined with high-tech, military-grade, sustainable PrimaLoft Gold insulation. It’s made from 55 to 100 percent post-consumer recycled content and it actually outperforms down.

For All Kind told LIVEKINDLY, “using a patented microfiber blend technology, the insulation not only mimics the lightweight thermal and compressional properties of down in dry conditions but also effectively retains heat in wet conditions, unlike its traditional counterpart.”

All of its furs are vegan too. They even undergo multiple rounds of lab-testing, which ensures that all of the fiber content is 100 percent animal-free.

But don’t get it twisted — For All Kind’s products aren’t just for vegans. As the name suggests, these products are for everyone.

The faux fur trim around the hood helps protect the face from frostbite.

‘The Beyond Meat of Parkas’

Maybe you’ve tried a vegan “bleeding” burger, which looks, cooks, and tastes just like real beef. They’re all the rage these days because they satisfy vegans and meat-eaters alike.

Beyond Meat champions the message that you needn’t miss out on the meals you know and love in order to live a more conscious lifestyle. And For All Kind believes it’s worth looking at your clothes in the same way — that you needn’t sacrifice styles you love in order to make kinder fashion choices. And with that option, wouldn’t more people be inclined to do so? Come winter, real fur is still prominent on parkas and a fur-free or unconvincing faux option is less likely to satisfy that demand.

The company explained, “while cruelty-free outerwear may not be uncommon, we believe that we’ve created the most indistinguishable vegan alternative to the real fur-trimmed and down-filled parkas from leading luxury outerwear brands.”

The Essential Parka has a removable faux fur trim.

For All Kind is also direct-to-consumer, which allows the brand to cut out traditional retail markups and provide the best possible value for the customer. Its cozy, luxurious, vegan outerwear is available through its online store.

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