Former Chef for Blink-182 and Ellie Goulding to Open Vegan Deli

Mary Mattern, Former Chef for Blink-182 and Ellie Goulding to Open Vegan Deli

Orlando, Florida, is about to get an exciting new vegan deli next April with the opening of the Heirloom Deli. Mary Mattern, half of this vegan eatery’s founding pair, is a vegan chef who has cooked on tours for the band Blink-182, musician Ellie Goulding, Entourage actor Jeremy Piven, Emily Deschanel, Travis Barker and more vegan celebs.

Mattern has also written “Nom Yourself”– a book about ‘”simple vegan cooking” and is currently writing her second cookbook. The cafe’s other half is Neil Westfall, Mattern’s fiancé, who plays guitar in the band A Day To Remember (ADTR).

This coming-soon vegan deli is set to serve up Mattern’s childhood favorites dishes – inspired by her Jewish upbringing, yet in veganized form. Everything will be locally sourced, with everything – including the ‘meats’ and ‘cheese’ to be made from completely vegan ingredients.

VN reported the vegan deli “will soon be selling vegan crab cake sandwiches, meatball parmesan subs, and eggplant fries.” Vegan-friendly drinks, plant-based milk, and baked goodies are also set to be on the menu selection at Heirloom Deli.

“We want to show people you can have the convenience of grabbing food quickly and still eat plant-based…and it doesn’t have to just be a salad,” says Mattern.

Image Credit: @NomYourself