Free People Team With PETA to Launch Vegan Summer Fashion Look Book

Compassion – so hot right now!

In some respects, we are beginning to seeing less and less real fur, suede and leather, due to an increasing awareness on the cruelty which is required to produce such products. Even Tesla has released vegan-only seating in their range of eco-friendly vehicles and recent reports show that the vegan leather market is set to reach a whopping value of $85 billion by 2025.

But vegan food and car interior options aren’t the only products making a debut onto the plant based marketplace: vegan fashion is becoming more prevalent by the day!

Free People are just one example of many companies which now offer vegan-friendly wearables. After awarding Free People with their ‘Compassionate Business Award’ last year, PETA have teamed up alongside this bohemian-chic retailer to highlight their range of ethical fashion options for a fabulously, cruelty-free collab!

“Free People is excited to work with PETA to continue highlighting kind and sustainable ways to get dressed, we dedicate an entire section of our online store to animal-friendly fashion as demand for vegan options continues to rise.” – Abby Morgan, director of brand marketing for Free People.

Launched only today, this ‘Summer Fashion Look Book’ is making sustainable fashion look more appealing than ever, it’s never been easier to wear your values on your sleeve!

Featuring top models such as Sal Stowers (winner of America’s Next Top Model), Michelle Weinhofen and Bryana Holly, this gorgeous style range features garments such as vegan leather jackets and bags, sandals, rayon slips, boots and heels plus a selection of chic fabric garments.

According to model Sal Stowers, the cruelty that is happening to animals behind closed doors needs to be exposed to the world and action taken to prevent. With alternative materials such as pineapple leather, shoes made from recycled plastic bottles, wool and down alternatives, making an ethical and sustainable fashion statement is 100% possible and more accessible by the day.

Image Credit: PETA