Fresh Brothers Pizza Debuts Vegan Cheese and Beef Impossible Pizza

fresh brothers impossible pizza

U.S. pizza chain Fresh Brothers has launched a new vegan “Impossible Pizza” featuring the vegan meat by Impossible Foods.

“IMPOSSIBLE PIZZA is here! Come through and taste the Fresh Brother’s edge with our new Impossible Pizza,” the chain posted on Instagram. “It’s meat made from plants #howcoolisthat #impossiblepizza #freshthinking.” After being questioned by followers if the pizza could be also be made dairy-free, the chain assured: “you can create your own Impossible Pizza to include vegan cheese.”

Vegan sausage, vegan brownies, and vegan cinnamon bites are also offered at Fresh Brothers.

Impossible Foods Spearheading Vegan Meat

The plant-based meat by Impossible Foods has taken the food industry by storm. Much like its chief competitor Beyond Meat, vegan Impossible Foods meat “bleeds” and has a texture similar to beef. Food scientists discovered that heme iron, which is found in beef, is also available in small quantities in the roots of plants, such as soy. Using this molecule, among other ingredients, Impossible meat has gained a reputation for being strikingly realistic in terms of taste, texture, and sizzle to a traditional burger patty.

High Demand For Impossible Meat

The demand for the protein, which uses fewer resources and produces fewer carbon emissions than beef does, is massive. Last month, the company announced it is to double production to sufficiently supply its stockists across the U.S. and Asia. Its long-term plan for production is centered on creating vegan meat and dairy products for “every cultural region of the world” and raised $144 million to do so earlier this year.

Fresh Brothers joins the mounting number of food outlets adding Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat to their menus. Three of Hong Kong’s leading hotels recently debuted new menu items, some vegan and some vegetarian, which use Impossible Meat creatively. In the U.S., both Applebee’s and The Cheesecake Factory have launched new vegan burgers using the Impossible Burger. And, earlier this week, the Earls Restaurant Group, known for the fast-casual chain Earl’s Kitchen, added Impossible Foods’ meat and a vegan menu to its locations across Canada and the U.S.

Image Credit: Fresh Brothers