Fudgy, No-Flour Vegan Black Bean Brownies

Fudgy, No-Flour Vegan Black Bean Brownies

You simply cannot go wrong with a giant slice of warm, fudgy brownies. These no-flour vegan black bean brownies are a delicious twist on an already mouthwatering classic.

This black bean brownie recipe should most definitely be your go-to! The delicious dessert will melt in your mouth at the first bite.

The recipe calls for black beans instead of pieces of chocolate. I know, I know. You are probably thinking: this cannot be good! But trust me when I say, it is just as (if not more!) delectable as its chocolate-y counterparts!

Additionally, this brownie recipe features almond milk, flax egg, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and coconut oil—just to name a few other ingredients. Enjoy these delightful brownies with a heaping scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream or by themselves. In other words, make extra because you’re sure to want seconds!

No matter which way you like them—a piece of the moist, gooey center or a bite of the crispy edges—you simply cannot go wrong with a batch of these no-fuss, homemade brownies.


Decadent Desserts

If you’re on the prowl for more mouthwatering dessert recipes, try whipping up a batch of this four-ingredient vegan chocolate sauce—it will go great drizzled on top of the black bean brownies! The recipe is super easy-to-make and only calls for lucuma powder, raw cacao powder, pitted Medjoul dates, and raw hazelnut butter. It would taste fantastic drizzled over brownies.

For those desiring brownies with a little more kick—try these gluten-free, vegan cannabis brownies. These fudgy, vegan brownies are egg-free and can be made sans cannabis by omitting the cannabutter. The recipe features tasty ingredients like maple syrup, non-dairy chocolate chunks, and coconut condensed milk.

If you’re seeking a more decadent, fruity dessert, these dairy-free chocolate-berry ice cream sandwiches make the perfect, dairy-free dessert, for an indulgent after-dinner treat! The filling contains blackberries, which give the sandwiches their coloring—and a few extra nutrients and antioxidants. The dark chocolate topping is sure to have you coming back for seconds—or thirds!

This recipe was republished with permission from The Vegan Bean.