Understanding The Future of Food and Increasing Popularity of Vegan Meats

Missouri Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Prohibit Plant-Based Meat From Being Labeled 'Meat'

Burgers, sausages, mince, chicken. All those things! Just, you know, vegan.

Food science has come a long way over the years, and vegan food science is the one killing it right now – which is nice as it doesn’t kill any animals. Demand is at a level never seen before, probably in part because there are more plant-based products than ever before. It’s a lovely cycle of things.

The Good Food Institute state: “Unlike at any other moment in history, we now have the ability to blend imagination with design to improve the world around us. An array of inventions has improved lives for billions of people across the globe.” From smartphones to food tech, they note that Just as modern automobiles replaced the horse and buggy, better alternatives will replace conventional animal agriculture.”

So with this in mind… It’s time for some research and development! *insert mini celebratory dance*

In an effort to aid entrepreneurs and the R&D of the plant-based meat industry the good people at the Good Food Institute’s SciTech team have released the first-ever open sourced guide for plant-based meats. Complete with an overview of the entire plant-based meat industry in the form of a mind map, highlighting where there is a need for further R&D.

Emily Bird of the GFI writes: “Do you know one of the key reasons why the Impossible Burger made such a huge splash? Because no one realized that veggie burgers were ripe for innovation! And why is that? Because people have been making plant-based meats the same way for decades, and until recently, few people have thought of this market segment as a solution to urgent global problems.”

“Bringing this information to light and encouraging much-needed innovation in the food system is why GFI exists. This is only one of many documents to come that will democratize information on how to end factory farming by using market forces and food innovation. Stay tuned!”


The great thing about more vegan meats is that it means there is more food saving the world. Which, incidentally there is a new book on – Food Is the Solution: What to Eat to Save the World – by Matthew Prescott. A half cookbook, half manifesto it talks all about how eating a plant-based diet is the best thing we can all do for the planet.

The book features 80 or so plant-based recipes and a bewilderingly high profile selection of names contributing within its pages. James Cameron – who’s upcoming documentary The Game Changers is all about veganism – wrote the forward and there are further contributions from Jesse Eisenberg; José Andrés; and the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey amongst many others.

But hey, a beautiful book on food; with some infographics; oh and some pretty photographs; and lots of investigative reporting into how animal agriculture is destroying the world — This book covers everything. And if you’re still not sure… The book’s been endorsed by loads of food icons; NGO leaders; celebrities – like Paul McCartney, Dr Oz and many major environmental organisations.