Gardein Just Launched Sliced Vegan Italian Sausages

Sliced Italian Saus’age is the latest addition to Gardein’s range of vegan Beefless products.

The vegan meat brand — which offers Beefless, Fishless, and Chick’n ranges, as well as a variety of meatless ready meals —  announced the launch of the new product on its Instagram account.

“You asked and we delivered — our brand new Sliced Italian Saus’age has finally arrived,” it posted last week.

“Spice up any meal with these flavorful Saus’age bites that’ll have your taste buds on fire. If you can’t find our items near you just yet, keep an eye out for them,” it continued.

The new Saus’ages are blended with spices and fennel to cook with “your favorite Italian dish,” notes the brand.

Earlier this month, Gardein announced the launch of new breakfast sausage patties, also on Instagram. It posted, “amp up your Sunday morning brunch with our brand new Breakfast Saus’age,” adding, “breakfast time just got even better.”


Gardein’s new sausages will complement any Italian dish


Gardein’s Mission

Through its wide range of vegan products, Gardein is on a mission to help transform the food system and encourage a shift away from animal agriculture. It notes on its website, “global food demand will grow 50% by 2030 and there will be a significant need for more protein. We think Gardein is part of the solution.”

It continues, “we believe eating more plant-based foods builds good health and [is] good for our planet too. It’s part of the reason why we like to say, goodness grows.”

Rising Demand for Vegan Food

As more and more consumers become aware of the environmental and health consequences of animal products, the demand for vegan food is rising.

Vegan meat, in particular, is soaring in popularity. Brands like Gardein, Impossible Foods, and Beyond Meat are responding to demand, and racing to develop more products and increase availability.

Even fast food chains have noticed a change in consumer habits. Earlier this year, Burger King partnered with Impossible Foods to create the Impossible Whopper, a plant-based “bleeding” beef-like patty. The burger is currently only available in select Missouri locations, however, Burger King revealed that a nationwide launch may happen by the end of the year.

Gardein’s new vegan sausages are available nationwide.