Vegan German Non-Alcoholic JoyBräu ‘Protein Beer’ Expands Worldwide

The German vegan beer brand JoyBräu is set to expand globally. Although the product is technically a beer, the beverage is non-alcoholic and packed with protein and other nutrients essential for building muscle mass.

Created by Tristan Brümmer and Erik Dumter in 2015, in collaboration with Berlin Technical University, the beer is set to soon be available in Spain, and contracts in Asia and South America have also been established.

Of the 21 grams of protein contained in the beer, 10 grams are the amino acids BCAA – essential for rebuilding muscle tears after a strength workout. L-carnitine and beta-alanine are also included in the beer, which helps to burn fat.

Brümmer and Dumter came up with the idea for the gym-friendly beer after a work trip to Singapore. “We both worked out, trained together and met regularly with colleagues at the bar after work, as you do,”  Brümmer told Business Insider. “Neither of us were keen on the taste of [protein] shakes and drank them more for the health benefits than the taste, so we thought there must be a way to combine the delicious taste of beer with the health benefits of a protein shake.”

The brand recently won the Innovation & Trend Award at Fibo, Germany’s largest fitness fair. The win gave the pair the exposure they needed to propel the brand forwards, leading to its global expansion. “Thanks to Fibo, we were completely sold out straight after so were left in a pickle of sorts, where people wanted more beer when we were completely sold out,” Brummer explained. He added, “we’ve signed the first export contract and others are still in the pipeline.”

Vegan beer, albeit the alcoholic version, is growing in popularity thanks to millennials, according to the digital media company, GlobalData. Younger generations of conscious consumers are seeking out healthier alternatives when it comes to beer and other alcoholic beverages.

“Millenials are careful about what they eat and drink and as a result, are making conscious decisions to take better care of themselves, including when it comes to alcohol,” said Aleksandrina Yotova, a consumer analyst at GlobalData, to Beverage Daily.

Image Credit: JoyBräu